Erikson Early Math Collaborative

July 17, 2018 - 2 minutes read

This website is developed by Erikson Institute in Chicago, IL.  This site pertains to mathematics for Birth through 3rdgrade. The Early Math Collaborative “works to improve math instruction for young children in three ways: Professional Development, Research, and Dissemination.”  The site provides information through articles, videos, research articles, publications and upcoming professional development opportunities.  The Collaborative also has a book, Big Ideas in Early Mathematics: What Teachers of Young Children Need to is referred to,  discussed or has video clips of activities that correspond to the BIG IDEAS from the book.

The website home page has the Idea Library (green tab) which has the articles and videos that can be filtered by:  Content Type (Article, Links, Video, etc.); Grade Levels (B-3, Pre-K, Kdg, 1st, 2nd, & 3rdgrades);  Foundational Math Concepts (Counting, Number Sense, Shape, Spatial Relationships, Measurement, Sets, Pattern, and Data Analysis), Common Core Alignment;  and Browse by SeriesBook Ideas (using Children’s Literature); Focus on the Child (Watching children explain their math thinking); Focus on the Lesson (Viewers will see creative math lessons); Focus on Play (Math every day), and Research from Others – plus more.

I do like watching the videos and see how the teacher introduces a lesson and the interactions happening.  I especially like “Just Right for Me” which introduces measurement with nonstandard measurement using children’s own hands.  This is a great website for viewing as a group or individually.  This site is a great resource for early math for teachers, parents, and anyone who works with young children.

Reviewed by: Sherial McKinney