Virtual Lab School

July 17, 2018 - 1 minute read

This website provides early childhood professionals and families with a wealth of research-based information through free user-friendly online courses.

To get started, you simply choose a track: “Infants & Toddlers,” “Preschool” or “School Age.”

Next, you choose a course from topics such as “Healthy Environments, “Family Engagement,” “Positive Guidance,” “Program Management,” and much more.

Finally, you choose a lesson that focuses on the specific topic that you are interested in learning more about.  For instance, under “Positive Guidance” on the Preschool Track you can choose from: “Guidance: An Introduction,” “Guidance: Preschool Children,” “Promoting Guidance: The Environment,” and “Promoting Guidance: Experiences and Activities.”

The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.  The lessons include information based on current research in the field, videos to support the content, resources and activities that allow you to explore and apply the concepts, and a knowledge check at the end of each lesson.

If you are looking to learn about specific topics related to child development and/or early childhood education, I recommend that you check out The Virtual Lab School, which you can visit at your own convenience and follow along at your own pace to meet your unique learning needs.

Reviewed by:  Anna Owen