I Love You Rituals

July 20, 2018 - 2 minutes read

By Dr. Becky Bailey

Fun Activities for Parents and Children That:

–Boost brain potential

–Encourage cooperation and caring

–Promote learning and literacy

–Increase attention and decrease power struggles

–Build bonds of unconditional love
As I looked at the cover of this book written by Dr. Becky Bailey I was intrigued to find out more about these rituals she is describing. The book lays a foundation for the importance of using I Love You Rituals to help young children feel safe in difficult situations, including times of transition such as new baby, divorce, death, or a move. These rituals become a part of our daily lives and will most likely be remembered for the rest of our lives. The first three chapters describe the importance of the why, how, and when we need might need these important rituals. These include Chapter 1 Boosting Your Child’s Brain Potential: The Four Vital Goals of I Love You Rituals, Chapter 2 I Love You Rituals and Disciplining Children: A Powerful Connection, and Chapter 3 Getting Started and Ensuring Success. I Love You Rituals are designed to help us build relationships with children which is critical.

After discussing the importance of I Love You Rituals, Dr. Bailey shares nursery rhymes she has adapted a little bit to make them more positive. The rhymes may be used in general and they may also be used for specific purposes. Dr. Bailey uses this style of sharing poems and rhymes with for the rest of the book including chapters on Interactive Finger Plays, Silly Interactions, Soothing and Relaxing Games, Hide-and-Seek Games, Cuddling and Snuggling Games, and Physically Active Games. Each of these chapters includes the activity with clear directions and suggestions on how the activity might help children.

I Love You Rituals will create specials memories for the child and the adult interacting with them. These special ways to connect while living in our busy world are essential.

Reviewed by: Jodi Knapp