Making and Tinkering with STEM: Solving Design Challenges with Young Children

July 20, 2018 - 2 minutes read

By Cate Heroman

Do you want to bring more STEM concepts into your classroom? Do you need help developing STEM activities? Then check out Making and Tinkering with STEM Solving Design Challenges with Young Children by Cate Heroman. The book starts off by explaining what tinkering, making, and engineering is and where we see these concepts throughout the day. There are ideas on how to display materials as well as how to get families involved.

The book has 25 design challenges, each inspired by a children’s book. Each challenge tells you the book, the materials needed, and the STEM concepts that are being explored. The designed challenges range from A chair for Baby Bear (Goldilocks and the 3 bears) to A sturdy nest (Mama built a little nest). The book walks you through each challenge and provides you in depth questions to further children’s thinking. After exploring and becoming motivated by design challenges in the book, there is a template for teachers to be able to create their own design challenges. It walks you through questions to consider when designing a challenge, and also provides examples for each step.

Challenges could easily go on for days, if not weeks. The possibilities of where each challenge can take you seems endless. Making and Tinkering with STEM Solving Design Challenges with Young Children helps children dive deeper into STEM concepts and enriches their learning with exciting hands on experiences.

Reviewed by: Cecilia Mintz