Really Seeing Children

July 20, 2018 - 2 minutes read

By Deb Curtis

On the cover of the book is the title Really Seeing Children. Just under the title is a picture of a young child looking at the reader with dark brown eyes and a smile. And under the picture is the byline, A collection of teaching and learning stories to inspire an everyday practice of reflection, observation, and joyful presence with children. As I read this book I was truly inspired. Inspired by the stories, inspired by the practices, inspired by the invitations, and inspired by the pictures that helped me to really see children!

The author, Deb Curtis, explains the importance of taking the time to observe children in their interactions with materials, peers, and adults. Really Seeing Children is divided in to five sections:

  • Cultivating the Ability and Skills to See Children
  • Planning Environments to Help You See Children
  • Seeing Children with Others
  • Seeing Children and Theories of Development
  • Sharing the Stories of Seeing Young Children

Through the many examples and photographs, the reader is assisted in learning how to really see children. The author has provided a resource full of ideas, examples, and inspiration for anyone interacting with young children. While the examples are primarily from the school setting, this book is a valuable resource for both educators and family members.

Find Your Inspiration is the final chapter in this book. After reading the book cover-to-cover, I had many thoughts and ideas going through my brain. I found myself looking forward to future interactions with young children. And, of course, the opportunity to step back, observe, and really see them!

Reviewed by: Jodi Knapp