Rituals and Traditions: Fostering a Sense of Community in Preschool

July 20, 2018 - 1 minute read

By Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard

What is a ritual? How is a ritual different from a routine?

What is a tradition? Why are traditions important?

Why are rituals important in a preschool classroom?

How do rituals help build community?

How does a teacher go about establishing classroom rituals and traditions?

What benefits result when teachers establish classroom rituals and traditions?

These and other important questions about classroom rituals and traditions are answered and discussed in Howell and Reinhard’s book, Rituals and Traditions. The book has five chapters:

Chapter 1 “Creating Community with Rituals and Traditions”

Chapter 2 “Transforming Daily Routines into Meaningful and Intentional Rituals”

Chapter 3 “Transforming Weekly and Monthly Routines into Meaningful and Intentional Rituals”

Chapter 4 “Creating Yearly Traditions”

Chapter 5 “Creating Your Own Rituals and Traditions”

The authors, both long-time early childhood educators, cite research, provide examples and anecdotes to demonstrate their points, and offer how-to advice for developing rituals and turning routine into ritual.

Using key elements of Intentionality, Individualization, and Tool and Techniques discussed in the book, preschool teachers can create classroom rituals to create a positive environment that will build community, support children’s learning and classroom values, create memories, and build connections between and among children, teachers, and families.

Reviewed by: Joyce Johanson