PNC Grow Up Great

February 5, 2019 - 2 minutes read

This website was developed as a part PNC Grow Up Great initiative, helping to prepare children from birth to age five for success in school and life.  This site is jam-packed with resources to assist families, educators and community partners to enhance children’s learning and development.

The RESOURCES tab includes a Lesson Center; Teacher’s Toolkit; Sesame Street Learning Resources and Everyday Learning Tips.

The Lesson Center offers free, printable lesson plans that are organized by topics such as “Winter,” “Animal Friends,” “Elements of Art,” and “Tinkering and Making,” just to name a few. The large photograph icons make it very user-friendly and easy to click on a topic  in order to explore the related lesson plans.

Each lesson plan includes the following:

  • The Objective – provides a description of what the children will do and learn
  • What You Will Need – provides a list of materials
  • What to Do– provides step by step guidance
  • Guiding Student Inquiry– provides scaffolding strategies, such as comments and questions, that you can use during the lesson
  • Explore, Extend & Integrate – provides interesting ways to extend the lesson and to connect the content to other curricular areas and objectives
  • Check for Children’s Understanding– provides questions to guide your assessment
  • Did You Know?– provides more background information for the teacher
  • Vocabulary– provides targeted words and child-friendly definitions
  • Resources– provides lesson tips, related books and ideas for home/school connections
  • Related lessons – provides links to additional lessons related to similar topics

Educators will want to visit the Lesson Center as a resource for planning meaningful and engaging experiences for children!   They will also want to check out the Teacher Toolkit for tips and videos designed to enhance their practices.   In addition, there are many wonderful resources for families such as The Everyday Learning Tipswith a variety of strategies for supporting routines and activities at home.

Reviewed by: Anna Owen