Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals

February 5, 2019 - 2 minutes read

By Angie Voss

Have you ever wondered why your child wants to wear boots every day or always wants to be carried or held?  Have you ever had a child in the classroom who struggles with circle time or struggles with waiting or standing in line?

Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals provides insight into over 210 sensory signals and what may be the underlying causes of these signals including: Holds it Together at School, Then Melts Down at Home; Over-reacts to Minor Cuts/Scrapes; and Stranger Anxiety Over Age 2 are just a few examples.  This is a very easy to read/use handbook.  Simply identify a behavior that you have concerns with and read about the sensory explanation that goes along with the behavior.  There are then tips in order to help meet the sensory needs of your child.  The tips are easy to implement since very few materials, if any, are needed.

The author has created a website to go along with this handbook: asensorylife.com.  This site offers ways to make sensory materials at home along with where to purchase sensory materials.  There is also more information about the underlying causes of what we typically see as behavior, but are often sensory signals.  For example, there is a section on distinguishing between a standard meltdown and a sensory meltdown.

This is an excellent resource for parents/families who have a child with sensory needs as well as classroom teachers who have children with sensory needs.  By understanding the underlying causes of what we see children doing, we can better support their needs.

Reviewed by: Bridget Meis