Baby Monkey, Private Eye

June 24, 2019 - 1 minute read

By Brian Selznick and David Serlin

This delightful book is a joy to read with children.  It combines elements of a picture book, an easy reader and a graphic novel.  Baby Monkey has a job to do – he is a Private Eye Detective with several cases to solve!  The repetitive nature of this story helps children predict what will happen next but there are always new and interesting details to notice in the illustrations along the way.  Children are sure to laugh each time that Baby Monkey struggles to put on his pants before a case!   They will also enjoy guessing who the thief might be for each case as they notice the clues along with Baby Monkey.   The last chapter provides a sweet and charming twist. This book is ideal for sharing as a read aloud and the adults are sure to love it just as much as the children!

Reviewed by: Anna Owen