Early CHOICES A Preschool LRE Initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education

October 1, 2019 - 1 minute read


Looking for helpful information on inclusive education practices in early childhood? In Illinois there is an initiative called Project CHOICES that provides a wealth of information on how best to provide inclusive services for young children. The team of LRE Specialists provide support for districts and families. Their contact information is available on the website.

Many resources are available on the Early CHOICES website. The easy to navigate website includes the following headings: Good to Know, Educational Environment Data, Planning Tools, and Research and Resources. Under each of these headings is information pertaining to inclusion; planning guidelines for families and schools; explanations on how to complete the necessary forms including the Annual Performance Report (APR), Educational Environments (EE) Data, information on the Indicator 6, and information on Research and Resources. Clicking on any of the headings will guide you to a variety of resources. Information on upcoming events and the EC LRE Consortium is available at the top of the page.

To discover needed information pertaining to inclusive educational practices and to request support, visit the Early CHOICES website at: www.eclre.org.

Reviewed by: Jodi Knapp