Mr. Nogginbody Gets A Hammer

April 8, 2020 - 1 minute read

By David Shannon

Well, David Shannon (of No David ! fame) has done it again! He has created another weird, wacky character in Mr. Nogginbody.

Mr. Noggingbody is an oddly-shaped character. An egg-shaped being, his “noggin” is his body. At least he doesn’t have the jagged “David” teeth that made my preschool-age grandson say, “Don’t read this book. His teeth scare me.” (No “David” series for that kid!)

As the story goes, Mr. Nogginbody, while sliding across the floor in his socks, gets snagged on at nail. Ouch! That needs fixing! He goes to a hardware store, buys a hammer, pounds the nail back into place then–really enjoying the experience–goes after anything looking remotely like a nail. He does have some unusual experiences with that hammer, and kids may laugh at some of the outcomes. Eventually, once he has hammered everything he can find, he comes to realize that just because he has a hammer does not mean that everything is a nail.

Personally, I disliked this book. Your opinion may differ, so I suggest that before you run out and buy it because – David Shannon—you first borrow a copy from your public library. Read it and judge for yourselves.

Frankly, after I read it, all I could envision was a crafty preschooler grabbing a hammer and pounding the dickens out of everything in sight, whether it looked like a nail or not.

Reviewed by: Joyce Johanson