June 24, 2020 - 1 minute read

This Canadian website offers a variety of free materials.  It has tabs for Kids, Youth, Adults, and Seniors.  There is a section called Visuals Engine which provides free templates for visual supports.  The visual supports range from Choice Boards, Circle Times, Labels, Rules, First/Then, and MORE.  There is a picture library to choose pictures from to add to the templates, but you can add your own pictures if needed.  The website also provides:  COVID 19 Resources, Resource Directories, Fact Sheets, and Articles.

Another helpful feature is the Creative Circle Time:  Music, Stories, & Games.  This feature has a variety of songs (over 75) with music that can be played to hear the tune and words, and lyrics can be printed off and a small visual that could be added to a choice board.  Some have a prop listed as well.

This site has numerous materials and resources that can be used in children’s own homes/Child Care Centers/Preschool/Prekindergarten programs in Illinois.  I am sure early childhood teachers and caregivers can find activities and resources that they can use as well as parents/guardians.

Reviewed by: Sherial McKinney