Lisa Murphy on Play: The foundation of children’s learning

September 1, 2020 - 1 minute read

By Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy on Play: The foundation of children’s learning is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on how Lisa came to appreciate play based learning through her experiences as a child, as well as a classroom teacher. After setting up her beliefs and desire to lead a play based center she talks a bit about “The Seven Things” she noticed during her time running a child care from her home. Lisa cautions readers that “The Seven Things” she is describing should not be used as a checklist to ensure you are complying with play based learning, but rather a guide to including it more into what you are already doing. Each of “The Seven Things” include some questions to consider to reflect on your own or your program’s practices, as well as quotes that relate to each item. Finally, Lisa addresses the challenges that may come up when starting to implement a more play based way of learning. She encourages the readers to take baby steps and start by just adding one or two activities she gives as examples into the day.  This book is a quick read that serves as a reminder to let children do what comes natural to them-play! The skills that we want them to develop and master will fall into place if we do.

Reviewed by: Cecilia Mintz