45 Strategies That Support Dual Language Learners

September 29, 2020 - 2 minutes read

By Shauna L. Tominey & Elisabeth C. O’Bryon

Many early childhood educators are seeing an increase in the number of young dual language learners enrolled in their programs. Workshops, webinars, and professional books are available to assist professionals looking for support in serving young dual language learners. One such resource is the book, 45 Strategies That Support Dual Language Learnersby Shauna Tominey and Elisabeth O’Bryon.

As promised by the title of this book, there are 45 strategies for working with young children who are dual language learners described in this resource. The strategies, reflection opportunities, vocabulary lists, activities and additional resources are included in the following areas:

  • Getting Started: Foundations for Supporting Dual Language Learners
  • Setting Up Your Classroom to Support Dual Language Learners
  • Fostering a Classroom Community of Diverse Learners
  • Using Classroom Management Practices That Support Diverse Learners
  • Supporting Social and Emotional Learning for Dual Language Learners
  • Enhancing Early Academic Skills for Dual Language Learners
  • Engaging Dual Language Learners Through Music and Movement
  • Engaging Families from Diverse Backgrounds
  • Continuing to Grow Through Professional Development

As you review the headings listed above, you will probably notice something very familiar. These strategies promote best practices for ALL children. The strategies and suggestions in this resource help educators learn how to individualize activities to meet the needs of each child in particularly children who are dual language learners.

 45 Strategies That Support Dual Language Learners is available through the STAR NET Regions I & III Lending Library.

Reviewed by: Jodi Knapp

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