Author and Illustrator: Lizzy Rockwell

 The All-Together Quilt by Lizzy Rockwell is based on the true story of The Norwalk Community Quilt Project called Peace by Piece. In this multigenerational and racially diverse book, the readers are taken through the process of building something together, specifically the construction of a quilt step by step. The characters are working together to make a quilt that represents the past, present, and future. Furthermore, the pictures display the joy of working together and the enthusiasm of creating something together. Early childhood educators could use this book in a variety of ways, including making a class quilt or developing a project of multigenerational inclusion in the classroom by partnering with grandparents or a community agency. Not only do readers get to see and read the story of quilt making, but at the end they also get to read the true story the book is based on.

Reviewed By: Anni Reinking