Author: Michael W. Waters

Illustrator: Keisha Morris

Are you looking for a book to help discuss the racial unrest around the country in a child-friendly, yet honest way from the view of a Black family? Then For Beautiful Black Boys who Believe in a Better World, is the book to add to your bookshelf. The author discusses the Civil Rights history of the United States, along with Black men who have been killed by police officers more recently, such as  Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and many others. Although this book discusses, in a developmentally appropriate way, the difficult reality of race relations in our country, it does have a hopeful tone to the book. Through the conversations between the main character, Jeremiah, and his parents, his father states, “we have great hope for the future. We believe that your generation can work to change the world too.”

This is a fantastic book to start or continue conversations about the reality of occurrences in our nation. However, the adult who is preparing for and eventually reading, For Beautiful Black Boys who Believe in a Better World, needs to have a core knowledge set that will guide students through a productive, critical, and sometimes difficult conversation focused on race and race relations in our country is needed. Find a reading of the book here:

Reviewed By: Anni Reinking