A New Alphabet for Humanity: A Children’s Book of Alphabet Words to Inspire Compassion, Kindness and Positivity

January 13, 2021 - 2 minutes read

Author: Leesa McGregor

Illustrator: Daniela Sosa

A New Alphabet for Humanity by Leesa McGregor is thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated. This also presents us with a great opportunity to talk and help children reflect  about all kinds of abstract social emotional constructs, such as; compassion, kindness and positivity. It helps children to learn self-regulation skills in some group kinds of settings, using the mirror neuron learning opportunity the virtual learning provides us.

Ms. McGregor shares in her forward about her desire to impact young children by teaching them about these wonderful attributes, and hopefully by providing growth and opportunities for changing the future, in a more intentional way, connecting lessons of everyday life, especially when we are physically distanced, and through the use of reading and understanding of this needed alphabet book, needing opportunities to expand social learning skills without in person connections.

Books that can connect children’s language with big juicy words such as,” A for abundance”,” B for bravery”, “C for compassion”.  Early childhood is a great time to work on skill building, and when we can connect the curriculum and the everyday opportunities for demonstration and implementation of both language and literacy, we should. As we consider incorporating new concepts and connections, we work with families to ensure we all support the growth and development of each child in the program.

Some ideas:

We could expand on the vocabulary, use art to express our knowledge of each concept, and share the universal message of compassion and caring.

Share the information with families, so they too can learn and grow.

Reviewed By: Roseann Slaght



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