March 10, 2021 - 2 minutes read

By Mary Hynes-Berry & Laura Grandau

This teacher-friendly book provides five chapters pertaining to math concepts for young children and connects them to children’s literature, routines, and games.  The authors provide information on “Building Math Minds” and helping children develop “Conceptual Understanding.”  The chapters cover these math concepts:  Matching and Sorting, Patterns, Number Sense, Measuring, and Spatial Relationships. Each chapter shares three stories related to the math concept and a game or routine.  The authors share information about the story, a plan for an activity, suggestions on how to “Talk About the Math,” and ways to “Individualize the Activity.”  The authors also provide names of other books for each concept and other resources.

I think this book is a great resource for those working with young children and gives teachers or anyone working with young children ideas to help make math meaningful and fun.  It provides a variety of literature, and the authors point out the math concepts that can be taught.  The authors explain the math concepts and share some activities that provide opportunities for building math skills and  strengthen children’s thinking.  The authors state, “we are also committed to the principle that activities alone cannot bring math to life in the minds of young children.  Effective teaching and learning depend on teachers making intentional instructional decisions about which experiences will best address well-focused learning goals – and then engaging children with thought-provoking questions and conversations that build on their interests, discoveries, strengths, and needs.”

Reviewed By: Sherial McKinney