Author: Sharee Miller

Aria loves her soft and bouncy hair but so does everybody else!  In fact, she finds that people are so curious about her hair that they can’t stop commenting on it and trying to touch it.  In an effort to escape all of their hands, she tries to find ways to hide her hair.  Throughout the story, Aria escapes to several whimsical places from the ocean to outer space (but even the mermaids, dragons, monkeys and aliens try to touch her hair!).  Once she finally gets away from everyone, she becomes lonely and decides to return home.  When others try to touch her hair again, she finally shouts “Don’t touch my hair!” She explains that while she’s happy that they like her hair, it’s also really important that they don’t touch it without her permission.   In the end, others learned to ask permission and to listen when she says, “No.”  When they ask nicely, though, Aria sometimes will let them touch her hair.   In the author’s note, Sharee Miller states that she wrote this book based on her personal experience and that she hopes that it will be used to teach children about personal boundaries and the importance of both asking permission and being able to say and to hear the word “No.” I was really drawn to her colorful illustrations and her humorous writing style. I think teachers and parents will find this book to be an excellent and useful tool to spark important conversations around personal boundaries with young children.  

Reviewed By:

Anna Owen