Author: Joanna Ho

Illustrator: Dung Ho

The little girl in, Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, is discovering herself, her identity, and her family. Her eyes are like her mother, her sister, and her grandmother, but they are not like the eyes of her friends. By discovering who she is, the little girl in the book is able to draw confidence and strength through the strong women in her life, the women she looks like and looks up to.

The book is not only a book based on self-identity, but it also includes many important literary concepts such as repetition and phrasing that sounds like a poem when read aloud. The illustrations, repetition, and the sense of pride the narrator discovers within herself creates a book that is revolutionary.

Early childhood children can and do categorize based on differences. Bringing in the idea of racial, ethnic, and more differences are important to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment. This is a perfect book to bring both “windows and mirrors” into an early childhood learning environment. Children can see themselves in the book if they are in the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community, or they can see people who are not like them, if they are not in the AAPI community. The intentional practice of including all voices in the classroom can have momentum by adding this book to any library.

Reviewed By: Anni Reinking