Author: Sarah and Ian Hoffman

Illustrator: Chris Case

The housekeeping or drama area in a class is usually full of dress up clothes spanning from firefighters to princesses. In this book, Jacob gravitates towards the dress up area, specifically the “girl clothes” as his classmate defines it. However, as we know, there is no such thing as “girl clothes” and “boy clothes”, but rather there is the developmentally appropriate process of children diving into their imagination.

Ms. Wilson, the teacher in the book, provides language for describing the importance of imagination in the drama area — language that is not only helpful to children, but to educators and families having similar conversations in real life. This is also a story of true acceptance and support for a child who is exploring what it means to be a boy or a girl or somewhere in between.

This is an excellent book to add to your library as it discusses the hurtful words children may say to each other, strategies for language that is developmentally appropriate to combat gender-based bullying, and finally unconditional love and acceptance.


Reviewed By: Anni Reinking