Author: Sharon Purtill

Illustrator: Sujata Saha

This is a beautiful book that comes to us from Canada. It has lovely, inclusive illustrations that reflect a variety of children and their cultures. This book reminds us and children that being different IS the way to be. It a has a catchy cadence that encourages children to syncopate their bodies too. The language is purely “English”, and we can tell by the spelling of several words and their use, and point those differences out to the children. The inclusivity is engaging and the representation in the illustrations is breathtaking. All types of children are included, and reminds us that it in NEVER ok to make fun of anyone. It uses comparing and contrasting, but in a thoughtful way. We need more books from authors of color and from different countries too, so our children can find themselves in places all over the world.

Reviewed By: Roseann Slaght