The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook 6th Edition

May 18, 2021 - 1 minute read

By Martha Davis, PhD.; Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, MSW; and Mathew McKay, PhD.

A New Harbinger Self Help Workbook

As providers of service to others, we also must remember to take care of ourselves.  Paying attention to what stresses us out, and how to incorporate good relaxation strategies is the primary focus of this workbook. We know that learning is not just about academics, but also developing the social/emotional needs as well. This book is based on researched principals. It gives us a framework to recognize stressors, and many opportunities to implement useful strategies to mitigate their detrimental effects on our daily lives. When adults do better, so do the children.

This helpful guide teaches us about symptoms of stress, tactics to deal with issues, how to make goals, and strategies to diffuse anger, and increase coping strategies. We can share our calm with children as we develop and hone our own skills. This book guides us in ways we may have not thought of before. It’s designed to be used, and written in. There are great ideas to share with the families we work with and the children in our care. As we continue to grow and develop as adults, we certainly know our work is never finished. We can always make self-improvements, and become the model for others.

Reviewed By: Roseann Slaght

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