By: Gholdy Muhammad

Cultivating means preparing or working on. Genius is exceptional intellectual or creative power. Combined Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy by Gholdy Muhmmad, focuses on the preparation of teachers and students to bring out the innate genius within all students, specifically historically marginalized students.

Through her work Muhmmad has created the framework Historically Responsive Literacy. Throughout this book she describes the reasoning behind the development of this framework as well as how to implement this framework into classrooms and learning environments. One of the main reasons behind the creation of this framework is the fact that, “as long as sopporession is present in the world, young people need pedagogy that nurtures criticality.” What is criticality? “Criticality is the capacity to read, write, and think in ways of understanding power, privilege, social justice, and oppression, particularly for populations who have been historically marginalized in the world.” Educators being able to fully embed criticality and the Historically Responsive Literacy not only creates an environment where students feel seen, but also creates a learning environment that humanizes all.

If you are looking for culturally responsive literacy practices, or practices focused on culturally responsive teaching that can be embedded into all parts and centers of your learning environment, this book is a great starting place and source.

Reviewed By: Anni Reinking