Author: Deborah Sosin

Illustrator: Sara Woolley

Everywhere Charlotte goes, the kitchen, her living room, school, the neighborhood, and even places that are supposed to be quiet like the library, there are noises. In the illustrations, you will notice Charlotte covering her ears in various settings in her routine to try and drown out the noises. Eventually, Charlotte has had enough and screams out, “I need to find a quiet place!” One day Charlotte takes her dog, Otto, for a walk and he spots a squirrel and runs off and Charlotte chases him. They both are out of breath and sit down to rest under a tree where she closes her eyes, breathes, and finds quiet at last. As she breathes, Charlotte notices her mind slows down and that she can use the power of her breath to find stillness and quiet. Charlotte returns from her quiet place back to her everyday experiences, but this time, she has a new way to regulate when the noise is too much.

I appreciate this book for several reasons. First, this book could serve as an introduction or conversation starter around the practice of mindfulness in your classroom or at home and using breathing as a calming strategy. Teachers can ask children if they have ever felt like Charlotte, and if so, what they did or what they can do. This book can also provide an opportunity for children with sensory sensitivity to noises to see their own lived experiences in a book. Including this book in your preschool library or as a read aloud can support goals of creating an inclusive and safe space for children to see themselves represented in the curriculum.

Reviewed By: Emily Reilly