Author: Pat Zietlow Miller

Illustrator: Jen Hill

Have you ever wondered how you could help children better understand the concept of what it means to be kind? Pat Zietlow Miller, the author, and Jen Hill, the illustrator, have created a book that can assist you. Through the words and the illustrations of this book, children can learn how to bring these two words “be kind” to life through their words and actions.

The story begins in a classroom setting and describes what happens when a young girl spills grape juice on herself. Her classmates laugh. One child though does not laugh. Instead, she thinks about things she could have done at the time or might still be able to do to help her classmate feel better. As she thinks about it even more, she comes up with ideas of things she can also do in her home and her neighborhood and her community, and uses descriptive words to talk about what it might mean to be kind. As her thoughts continue, she realizes that sometimes when we combine our small actions together, we can make a really big thing happen!

After reading this book with children, it would be interesting to have them share their ideas on what it means to be kind. You could document their ideas on a web or chart or create a book. Be sure to share this information with others!

Reviewed By: Jodi Knapp