By: Theresa Bouley and Anni Reinking

As of 2021 there is no book like this in the field for educators to understand implicit bias, microaggressions, and the impact both of those have on students, coworkers, and families. This is a book written to facilitate conversations, reflection, and continued growth in your personal journey of equity-focused classrooms.

From the prologue of the book, the authors write:

Our goal in writing this book is to support teachers in heightening their awareness of the many ways their own biases are transmitted to students, families and colleagues, and how dangerous the impact is on student learning, and overall development. As of 2017-2018, approximately 80% of America’s school teachers are white, with 76% women, and most middle class, monolingual and able-bodied. Yet, the majority of public school students are minorities (52%) who are English language learners (10%), living in poverty (20%) or from low-income homes (51%).

Our focus overall is on how educators can create more inclusive and safe learning environments by becoming more self-aware, and aware of what it means to be an antiracist educator. This book has certainly taken us on a journey. We invite you to join in this journey with us.

Reviewed by: Anni Reinking