Author: Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli

Illustrator: Isabel Roxas

Based on research, children can tell racial differences between people before their first birthday. That being said, it is important to talk to toddlers about race, gender, and body positivity and this book does just that. In Our Skin, the authors provide a great starting point to engage in important conversations with toddlers and young children.

The illustrations are simple and add to the starting point of engaging in conversations in a developmentally appropriate way. What should be noted, however, is that the definitions are based on experiences in America. For example, the definition of racism is simplified to the point of being applicable to the US and only a handful of other places in the world rather than a global perspective of marginalized populations around the world. As one parent stated, this book is a “fantastic primer that helped me navigate” conversations about racism and police brutality in America.

Reviewed By: Anni Reinking