This app is designed to promote active play. The app includes simple, indoor and outdoor games that kids can play together or with their adults.  The kids are rewarded for completing play activities, such as Hopscotch,  Animal Olympics, and Treasure Hunt. It’s so fantastic that the games offered are games that prompt strategic thinking, collaboration, and rough and tumble play.  Kids can also earn reward points through structured activities such as bowling, soccer, and yoga. They can even earn points by playing on the playground. Once they earn points, they can use points to participate in developmentally appropriate on-screen activities, such as creating an avatar and dressing it in fun costumes, etc.

The navigation of the app is developmentally appropriate for a 3-5-year-old child, however, they will need help reading the game directions. They also need to have others to play many of the games with them, help with set up, etc. I love that this app is designed to get families playing together….what a ball! We know that group games and outdoor play spark creative thinking, spatial reasoning, and resiliency. They also help nurture healthy physical development necessities, such as core strength and coordination.

Push2Play is ideal for families but could also be a wonderful motivator for classrooms to explore new play ideas together and the rewards could be used as a group on a projector. The app would also be fun for after-school or respite programs.

Reviewed By: Dr. Lindsay Meeker