Maddie Hutchison, MA- Registered Early Childhood Educator

Review:  Children’s rights are essential to the healthy development of a child’s self-esteem, resiliency, and confidence in their own voice. This podcast addresses children’s rights and consent starting  at the earliest ages. It explores ways that educators and parents can advocate for children’s rights to be safe and valued and have healthy, positive relationships in all environments that nurture them, including home and school. Maddie Hutchison provides ideas on creating a safe and rights focuses classroom culture. She also takes the opportunity to disrupt the thinking around adult-centered teaching and learning, as well as parenting to challenge adults to respect and honor children’s decisions even when they are less than ideal as long as they are safe for themselves and others in their learning environment. She offers simple suggestions, such as using rights-respecting language, such as “can I…”, “would you like to..” This episode fosters a wonderful reflective opportunity for caregivers and teachers alike. 

“Children’s rights mean we honor children as human beings in their own right regardless of age. We are not viewing children as lesser than simply because they are younger or smaller.” – Maddie Hutchison

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Reviewed By: Dr. Lindsay Meeker