Author:  Ana Crespo

Illustrator: Giovana Medeiros

This is a great book that introduces several math concepts such as number sense by counting, comparison, measurement, mathematical vocabulary, and problem solving.  This book also introduces food from Brazil and the Portuguese language.  The author, Ana Crespo, is from Brazil and incorporates Portuguese words (main language spoken in Brazil) throughout the book.  Luckily, she adds a glossary at the end of the book that shares how to pronounce the words and their meanings

This book shares how the brother, Luis, and his sister, Lia, start comparing their snacks.  They try to decide who has more.  Luis begins counting his biscuits, and Lia counts her two croquettes.  Luis had one bag of biscuits, but Lia has two croquettes.  Then Luis starts counting his biscuits in the bag and finds he has 100 biscuits and Lia only has two croquettes and claims he has more. 

Then Lia comes up with weighing her snack and uses a balance scale to discover whose snack weighs more.  She discovers the croquettes are heavier than the biscuits.  She thinks she has MORE.  This makes Luis sad.  Lia comes up with a solution to this problem.

I recommend this book that offers an item that is in many classrooms, but it is seldom used.

It is the BALANCE SCALE.  This book may produce an interest in the balance scale by the children.  It may also help teachers find a way to introduce the concept of weight and comparison to their students.

Reviewed By: Sherial McKinney