Author: Mac Barnett

Illustrator: Shawn Harris

This is a very simple story about a polar bear.  On the first page you can’t see the polar bear because of all the snow.  You begin to see his nose first then his eyes.  The bear begins to walk but where is he going.   The story keeps you wondering what the polar bear is going to do.  The bear goes past the seals which is normally what he eats.  He continues walking. 

This book can be a great way to have children predict what the polar bear will do.  It also may lead into a lot of questions about polar bears and inspire children to find out more about the bears.  This book can also tie into winter weather.

I recommend this book because it is short and simple and can appeal to young children.  It also shows a playful side of the polar bear.

Reviewed By: Sherial McKinney