Author: Sybil Rosen

Illustrator: Camille Garoche

Renata, the young girl in Carpenter’s Helper, is helping her Papi to remodel the bathroom. While looking at the different tasks they will be working on, Renata thinks about how she is looking forward to taking a bath in the big bathtub. As Renata and her Papi work on cutting a window into the wall, the author describes Renata’s joy of working with her Papi in this sentence, “”She loves the smell of sawdust, and likes looking at the wires, and of course loves the treasures found along the way.” It is interesting to read how the author uses these words to explain what exactly Renata likes about working with her Papi. Can we encourage young children in our classrooms and homes to talk more in-depth about the things they enjoy doing?

As Renata and her Papi continue to work on the window project, Papi decides they do not need to cover the hole because the weather is warm outside. One morning when they enter the bathroom, Renata and Papi get a surprise! Throughout the following pages, the author shares what Renata and Papi observe over the next several weeks. It is fun to observe with them!

Reading about how Renata enjoyed working with her Papi, the tasks she helped with, and how she helped to problem-solve a situation, provides the reader with another look at ways we can assist others. The surprise in the story helps encourage the reader to be more curious and to observe our natural world and learn from these observations.

Check out Carpenter’s Helper to find out more about Renata and her Papi and the surprise in the bathroom!

Reviewed By: Jodi Knapp