Author: Pete Seeger

Abiyoyo is a classic book that appeals to children of all ages, that is based off a South African Lullaby and folk song. A dad and his son are the outcast of their village due to the tricks they often play on the town people. The dad likes to tell the story to his son of the giant, Abiyoyo, to pass the time. It’s all just make-believe, or is it? One day Abiyoyo appears in the village and it is up to the boy and his father to save the town. Will they be successful in their venture? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Abiyoyo offers up new vocabulary, problem solving, and lessons on recognizing that everyone has a purpose in a community. There is also a catchy song that goes with the book that combines joy of music with reading. Abiyoyo is a timeless book, that is sure to captivate its audience.

Reviewed By: Cecilia Mintz