Author: Aerial Liese, PhD.

The book, The Play Prescription: Using Play to Support Internalizing Behaviors, is written on a foundation of research to support children’s play as an important part of their development.  The author uses a five-pillar framework to provide guidance and support for the information shared in this book.  The pillars include Early Identification, Intervention, and Prevention; Secure Relational Attachments; An Environment with Essential Needs; A Diverse Play Menu; and Direct Individualization.  It is easier to notice children who show externalizing behaviors when they are struggling because their behavior is often very apparent.  With children who exhibit internalizing behaviors, it can often go unnoticed.  Throughout this book, the author shares ways to notice these children as well as practical strategies for using play to help children who are using internalizing behaviors. 

Reviewed By: Bridget Meis