STARNET Services


Training opportunities are available at no cost to all who work with, or are family members of, young children.

WORKSHOPS and WEBINARS on a variety of current early childhood topics are scheduled based on requests/needs assessments and provide continuing education credit (CPDU, CDA, CE, Gateways to Opportunity).

APPLES VIDEO MAGAZINES are an ongoing and diverse series of early childhood programs produced by STARNET to be a convenient source of information for individuals or groups. Programs may be viewed on the web, downloaded onto an iPod for viewing, borrowed (DVD) from our Resource Library, or purchased.

PODCASTS provide information on a range of topics, some of which supplement the content of another training. Podcasts can be viewed online or downloaded.

CONSULTATION with STARNET staff can provide support on early childhood related issues and program concerns. Contact us to share ideas, investigate resources, and brainstorm solutions. We also welcome the opportunity to visit classrooms and provide assistance to early childhood professionals and families. Email to let us know how we can help.

INSERVICE TRAINING that promotes best practices in early childhood can be planned with early childhood programs. If you would like to plan a training event with us, email with the desired topic, location, and possible dates.

Resource Library

STARNET's Resource Library loans early childhood professionals and families a carefully chosen selection of books, videos, DVDs, and kits. Browse titles (and request materials) online at

Fellowship Funding

STARNET FELLOWSHIPS provide reimbursement funds to individuals so they may attend inservice opportunities in Illinois. Family members of a child with special needs who is enrolled in or will transition to early childhood special education services and professionals who provide early childhood special education services are eligible to apply. Funds may be used for workshop registration, travel, substitute teachers, and child care.

Family Support

STARNET offers Family Fellowships, conferences, and training promoting family-centered perspectives. Family Resource Specialists, who are parents of children with special needs, are available to provide training, information, and support to families and providers. STARNET’s Annual Family Conference, which is normally held in March or April, is a popular source for family resources and inspiration.

News and Reviews

Through our website, STARNET provides timely early childhood information that may be of interest to providers or families. Our Resource Specialists also review children’s books, professional booksapps for young children and website reviews.


COMMUNITY FORUMS represent all those involved with young children in a particular area. Early childhood education and care is nurtured through community forums. STARNET has a history of supporting regional partnerships. Resource Specialists can assist local efforts to organize your early childhood neighborhood so that you may explore common interests and challenges together.

THE EARLY CHILDHOOD COMMUNITY FOCUS GROUP acts as an advisory forum for the planning and coordination of training initiatives among regional programs and agencies through a listserv and annual review/ planning meeting. Each member has been selected for his/her expertise in working with children, families, and professionals.