Apples Videos

STAR NET is pleased to offer another year of Apples Videos, an inservice training program designed specifically around early childhood issues for professionals and families. When staff and family travel presents an obstacle for personal or professional development, Apples Videos can provide opportunities to learn, at your convenient time and location, about current issues and programmatic strategies in the early education and care of young children.

For information on using Apples Videos for Illinois Early Intervention training credit, go to

Current Videos on YouTube

Apples Videos are now available for viewing on the STAR NET Regions I and III YouTube channel located here. Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are added. Here is a video introduction to our channel, which has a subscribe button at the end…

Below is our most recent Apples Video, “Understanding Sensory Processing,” in which Jennifer Rosinia, occupational therapist, child development specialist and owner of Kid Links Unlimited, Inc., shares insights and need-to-know information for families, teachers, and caregivers on sensory processing. Valley View Early Learning Center staff in Romeoville, Illinois are also featured in this video and share their perspective on sensory experiences for all children, including individualizing and providing supports for children with sensory processing differences.

Handouts to Supplement the Videos

Handouts can be downloaded from the YouTube videos by clicking the “i” icon in the upper right corner of the video.

Program Loan (DVD)

Programs are available on loan from the STAR NET Resource Library in DVD format to Illinois residents only.

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