• April 28, 2021
    12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Collaboration-Palooza!: Paraprofessionals (Teaching Assistants) and Their Essential Role in a Quality Classroom (webinar)

Learning Level 2: Intermediate/Application (no prerequisite required)

Intended Audience: Administrators, ECSE Educators, General Educators, Teacher Assistants, and OT/PT’s

The focus of this workshop is for paraprofessionals and their constituents to learn new skills and instructional best practices to achieve greater independence and effectiveness with collaboration to influence meaningful students learning. Areas include, promoting student dignity and respectful language, teaching skills, promoting participation, achieving student goals, using student interests in learning, and promoting problem-solving. Collaborative support models will be taught in the areas of supportive teaching, complementary teaching, parallel teaching, and promoting student leadership. Effective ideas will be provided, so the paraprofessional always has something to do that contributes to meaningful teaching and/or collaborative support for students. This session will promote achieving high value for the paraprofessional as an essential member for an educational team.

Continuing Education – This webinar will provide 3.0 contact hours for the following:

• Educator License Renewal
• CDA (Child Development Associate) credit in area(s) 6
• CE Credit (SLP, OT, Social Workers)
• Gateways to Opportunity credit in area G (Org. ID# B40093, Event ID# )

Full participation is required to receive a certificate.



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