Resource Library

Use the fields below to search (or browse) our Resource Library holdings by title, author, or subject. If you have not already, it’s important to review our Loan Policy before ordering. If you have questions, call 309-298-1634.

If you are looking specifically for STAR NET’s Apples Video Magazine programs, you may be interested to know that you can view the latest Apples Video Magazines and selected videos from the past on our YouTube channel. Visit our Apples Video page for more information.

If you would still prefer to borrow a DVD of the Apples Video as opposed to viewing it on YouTube OR you would like to borrow one of the older Apples Video Magazines that isn’t on the YouTube channel, simply search for the program using the fields below or use the Media field to browse all of our DVDs (which includes the Apples Video Magazine programs) and email your library order as mentioned in the first section.

If you would like a certificate for viewing an Apples Video Magazine program (either through YouTube or loan), simply email to request the evaluation form for that video. Upon returning the evaluation form, a certificate will be sent to you by email. Please note that the certificates issued for Apples Video Magazines do NOT provide any formal continuing education credit such as Educator License Renewal, CDA, CE, or Gateways credit. Certificates are not issued for other resources in the library.

Requesting an Item From the Library

Please email to check out an item from the library.