Children’s Book Reviews

  • The All-Together Quilt book cover

The All-Together Quilt

November 24, 2020|

Author and Illustrator: Lizzy Rockwell  The All-Together Quilt by Lizzy Rockwell is based on the true story of The Norwalk Community Quilt Project called Peace by Piece. In this multigenerational and racially diverse book, the [...]

  • Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones book cover

Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones

November 24, 2020|

Author: Susan Lendroth Illustrator: Bob Kolar Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones by Susan Lendroth and illustrated by Bob Kolar is a book that can be sung or read with interactive motions. The pattern [...]

  • Redwoods book cover


November 24, 2020|

Author and Illustrator: Jason Chin Redwoods by Jason Chin takes you on an adventure through the history of the coastal redwoods trees. The redwoods majesticness, their history, and how they continue to impact nature. In [...]

  • Black is a Rainbow Color Book Cover

Black is a Rainbow Color

October 29, 2020|

Author: Angela Joy Illustrator: Ekua Homes What an outstanding, beautiful book with a message of acceptance and lessons that could go on for weeks. In the book, Black is a Rainbow Color, the author takes [...]

  • Juneteenth for Mazie book cover

Juneteenth for Mazie

October 29, 2020|

Author: Floyd Cooper Through the eyes of Mazie, the reader celebrates Juneteenth, the Emancipation Proclamation, and African-American history. As the story begins, Mazie is complaining that she is always being told, “no”, by her parents. [...]

  • Mixed Me! book cover

Mixed Me!

October 29, 2020|

Author: Taye Diggs Illustrator: Shane W. Evans This is an excellent book that celebrates the experiences of a child of mixed racial ancestry. The main character Mike has a strong, supportive family and a strong [...]

  • Happy Hair book cover

Happy Hair

October 29, 2020|

Author and Illustrator: Mechal Renee Roe Strong, happy, and confident reflections of Black girls in Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe is an excellent way to promote healthy positive love, self-worth, and hair positivity. Through [...]

  • Chocolate Me! book cover

Chocolate Me!

October 29, 2020|

Author: Taye Diggs Illustrator: Shane W. Evans This book has mixed reviews if you look at Amazon, GoodReads or any other website that has book reviews. While I acknowledge the pros and cons of this [...]

  • The Water Princess book cover

The Water Princess

October 29, 2020|

Author: Susan Verde Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds The first thing you will notice about this book are the beautiful illustrations, which include pictures of an African child living in the French speaking West African country [...]

  • Strictly No Elephants book cover


September 14, 2020|

Author: Lisa Mantchev Illustrated by: Taeeun Yoo What does it mean to be a friend? A little boy and his pet elephant show us what a true friendship looks like in this sweet story. On [...]

  • Walter the Farting Dog book cover

Walter the Farting Dog

September 14, 2020|

Author: William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray Illustrator: Audry Colman Walter the Farting Dog, a number one New York Times bestseller, is a funny book that teaches unconditional love, while readers are on the floor with [...]

  • The Name Jar book cover

The Name Jar

September 14, 2020|

Author and Illustrator: Yangsook Choi As a reader of, The Name Jar, we travel with Unhei, the main character, as she starts at a new school. At her new school she is the only student [...]

  • Snippets book cover

Snippet: A Story About Paper Shapes

September 14, 2020|

Author and Illustrator: Diane Alber Snippets is about a shape, Snippet, that is different from all the other shapes. The other shapes, squares and triangles, tell Snippet that he cannot play with them because of [...]

  • My Princess Boy book cover

My Princess Boy

September 14, 2020|

Author: Cheryl Kilodavis Illustrator: Suzanne DeSimone In, My Princess Boy, a mother writes a story about her son who likes to wear “girl” clothes and plays with “girl” toys. As the story progresses, it focuses [...]

  • Little Humans book cover

Little Humans

September 14, 2020|

Author and Photographer: Bradon Stanton Little Humans is written and photographed by the author of “Humans of New York”, a social media campaign to represent all individuals around the world. In this book, that includes [...]

  • Leo the Late Bloomer book cover

Leo the Late Bloomer

September 14, 2020|

Author: Robert Kraus Illustrator: Jose Aruego In the book, Leo the Late Bloomer, Leo the Lion may not be able read, draw, or write like his peers at the beginning of the story, but Leo [...]

  • Am I a Color Too? book cover

Am I A Color Too?

September 14, 2020|

Author: Heidi Cole and Nancy Vogl Illustrated: Gerald Purnell Representation in early learning environments is essential for children to feel safe and welcomed. Through the book, Am I A Color Too?, children who are biracial [...]

  • A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars book cover

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

September 14, 2020|

Author: Seth Fishman Illustrator: Isabel Greenberg Math. Math and books. Math is everyone and a great place to engage in conversations around math is to start with a book. In, A Hundred Billion Trilllion Stars, [...]

  • The Bad Mood and the Stick book cover

The Bad Mood and The Stick

September 3, 2020|

By Lemony Snicket Art by Matthew Forsythe If you are searching for a book that will generate discussions about feelings, Lemony Snicket’s The Bad Mood and The Stick is a book to seriously consider. The [...]

  • The Pout-Pout Fish book cover

The Pout-Pout Fish

April 15, 2020|

By Deborah Diesen Illustrated by Dan Hanna The Pout-Pout fish takes his name very seriously, using it as an excuse to spread “dreary-wearies”, until a special friend comes along and sees him in an unexpected [...]

  • Mr. Nogginbody Gets a Hammer book cover

Mr. Nogginbody Gets A Hammer

April 8, 2020|

By David Shannon Well, David Shannon (of No David ! fame) has done it again! He has created another weird, wacky character in Mr. Nogginbody. Mr. Noggingbody is an oddly-shaped character. An egg-shaped being, his “noggin” [...]

  • Little Blue Truck book cover

Little Blue Truck

March 16, 2020|

By Alice Schertle Illustrated by Jill McElmurry Little blue truck greets all the animals as he goes through the countryside. While on his ride through the countryside he encounters a not so polite dump truck. [...]

  • The Big Umbrella book cover

The Big Umbrella

November 14, 2019|

By Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates This book was co-written by Amy June Bates and her seventh-grade daughter, Juniper. This book is an inclusive story that demonstrates everyone being welcomed. The big umbrella provides shelter [...]

  • Ida, Always book cover


November 13, 2019|

By Caron Levis Illustrator Charles Santoso Recently I went to the local library to look for a children’s book to review. When I came upon this book and started to read it, I found myself [...]