Jill Molli has the uncanny ability to help people laugh and learn at the same time. Her past position in a Title 1 elementary school offered her opportunities to apply Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® in a school setting and her own family offers her constant real-life experiences to share with her audiences. Jill was selected as a Loving Guidance Associate because of her no-nonsense ability to get to the heart of a situation and her commitment to living Loving Guidance principles at school and at home. She is an entertaining, motivating and heart-felt presenter.Jill is a “connector” for family needs. She began her teaching career in a behavior disabilities classroom, moved into a regular third grade classroom, and then completed her requirements as a guidance counselor. As the guidance counselor, Jill helped implement Conscious Discipline® school-wide using the 3-year implementation plan. She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling, a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and 20+ years of working with children with behavior problems. Since 2003, she has been the owner and operator of Connecting with Kids, a business whose mission is to build connections in families and classrooms. In an effort to stay current and up to date with recent issues in the classroom, Jill volunteers weekly in preschool and elementary settings and quarterly in an alternative high school.Jill also teaches a 6-week evening class to help parents build a connected family through Loving Guidance. She has taught hundreds of Conscious Discipline® parenting classes ranging in attendance from mothers in the Missouri Department of Corrections Facility to “Soccer Dads.” At her many programs, Jill proves herself a contagious source of enthusiasm and energy. It is with a heart full of joy that Jill shares the experiences, knowledge and guidance that Dr. Bailey’s techniques have afforded her in all areas of her life.