STAR NET Region I and III:

OnDemand Offerings


An ongoing inservice video series on hot topics in early childhood that can be viewed
individually or with a team. Be sure to check the information icon on videos for supplemental information.


provide information on a range of topics, some of which supplement the content of
another training. Podcasts can be accessed on the STAR NET Regions I and III podcast channel.

On Demand Lessons

provides information on a variety of topics to access at a time that is convenient for
you. Registration is required and credit is available for those completing requirements for each lesson.

Additional OnDemand Offerings

Determining EE Codes

is a module designed for administrators and educators to learn about Preschool
Environment Codes for children ages 3 to 5. The module covers why accuracy of this data is important, defines a
regular early childhood program and how the decision tree is key to determining the correct code.

Educator Leader Network (ELN) Coursesopens PDF file

provide options for completing early childhood courses on a variety of topics for credit
at a time that is convenient for you. ELN courses require setting up an account and are free.

Inclusion Policy Statement

is a module developed by Early CHOICES that reviews the Federal Policy Statement on
Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs that was issued by the U.S. Department of Health
and Humans Services U.S. Department of Education on September 14, 2015.

Understanding Inclusion

is a series containing 6 topics that explore key ideas about inclusion in early
childhood. This series was developed for families with family input, its is just as meaningful and useful for
practitioners working with families who have children from birth to 5.

WIDA Early Years

modules are intended for ECE professions, in-service and pres-service. The modules are
free through the ISBE and ECPL’s partnership with WIDA Early Years. The modules provide resources and training on
promoting equitable early care and education opportunities for young multilingual children