TED-Ed Lessons for Early Childhood Professionals

The following TEDEd Lessons include a pre-recorded video and questions to help you reflect and think more deeply about the content. If you would like to receive continuing education credit for one of our TEDEd Lessons, pre-registration is required, so we can check for completion and issue a certificate. If you do not need continuing education credit, please view our other STAR NET videos anytime on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/STARNETEarlyChildhood.

Please read the overview page carefully before registering.

Event Venue
Introduction to Trauma: For Early Childhood Professionals (TED-Ed Lesson) Online, On Demand Register
Assistive Technology and Adaptations to Increase Access, Participation, and Supports for All Children (TED-Ed Lesson) Online, On Demand Register