Transitions Resources

The following resources are intended to provide families with the information and knowledge to understand the transition process from Early Intervention to Early Childhood Special Education Services. Understanding your rights and options are critical in making informed decisions for your child. You may also contact STAR NET’s Family Resource Specialist with questions or concerns: Rose Slaghtcreate new email. For a current list of all resources on the ISBE website related to transition, please visit this website.

Look What I Can Do

FAQ TRANSITION VIDEOj is an FAQ resource in video format which can be beneficial for both families and professionals in understanding transition, what to expect, and the differences between Early Intervention Services and Early Childhood Special Education Services. You will also find a video of a Transition Planning Meeting which can help understand what to expect. You can also ask your EI Service Coordinator for transition information and discuss your questions and concerns with them to help plan for the process.

Questions Parents Should Ask About

QUESTIONS PARENTS SHOULD CONSIDER ABOUT TRANSITIONopens WORD file  is a useful resource for families to review prior to the transition planning meeting to determine which questions might be relevant to ask for their child. This document is also one Service Coordinators can share during the transition process to help families prepare.

Early Childhood Choices

UNDERSTANDING INCLUSION is a training module developed for families with family input. This series includes six topics ranging from defining inclusion to understanding the benefits of advocating for inclusion.

When I'm 3, Where Will I Be?

WHEN I”M THREE, WHERE WILL I BE?opens PDF file  is a booklet that helps families learn about the process while also serving as a way to document and organize information throughout the transition process.
WHEN I”M THREE, WHERE WILL I BE? – Spanish Versionopens PDF file